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The Bonus Boys

‘She’s a rich bitch, whichever way you look at it. And the best of luck to her. She lives down on the coast, though. Are you driving it?’
How did he know about Thea Hayter, Rosanna wondered.
‘She lives in Highgate. Not far from you. Does that make you a rich bastard, then?’
‘If you think this street and Highgate have got anything in common, you need some lessons in geography. I thought she still lived in Sussex. Old Man Foxton and his brood. Fatcats’ Riviera.’
‘The Bonus Boys,’ said Rosanna.
His expression was blank.
‘Ha! So you don’t everything, do you?’ she crowed. ‘That’s what they call them. They pick up their city bonuses, buy these enormous houses, and go mad with boredom looking at the mud. Back to London and the bright lights.’
‘Where there’s more to go to bed with than the odd good looking sheep. The Bonus Boys. I like it. Pity you’re not going down, though. You’d’ve enjoyed it.’